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Korra earliest came across this protester whenever she was wandering Republic Town Park

Korra earliest came across this protester whenever she was wandering Republic Town Park


Though Korra came across Earth Queen Hou-Ting towards intention of asking for their assist to find the the latest airbenders during the Ba Sing Se, she soon fell away toward royal if this turned into clear the brand new Queen stored a grudge against the Avatar having Aang and Zuko’s decision to transform Earth Empire area for the United Republic out-of Regions. [22] Their 1st dislike of one other simply intensified when Korra discovered one to Hou-Ting hadn’t merely made use of their to own extorting their sufferers and you may lied regarding indeed there getting zero airbenders inside Ba Sing Se but got recently been covertly arresting and you may education these to setting their own personal airbending military. Overlooking the newest queen’s possibilities that she would sustain off on entire you are going to of the Environment Kingdom towards this lady, Korra along with her loved ones freed the fresh new seized airbenders and you can transferred him or her outside of the World Empire capital towards North Heavens Temple, [52] an action you to definitely led the new King so you’re able to situation need posters up against Korra and remainder of Class Avatar having “crimes against the Empire”. Regardless if Korra was livid concerning the Queen’s tips, she nevertheless disagreed which have Zaheer’s faith you to frontrunners like the woman required to get eliminated. [51] Despite the girl opposition of your queen, Korra try genuinely shocked to find out that Zaheer had murdered the girl. [53]

The fresh new protester

She known him seeking to encourage a group of nonbenders in order to keep the Equalists.